Thursday, April 7, 2011

Day 29 Opelousas to St. Francisville

At a recent school presentation, a student asked me if I had forgiven the woman who had killed Eric. Youth can be so uninhibited and direct. What a difficult question! I replied that I wanted to forgive her, but I didn't know if I truly had. In reality, forgiving and letting go are extrodinarily difficult processes. Obviously it does no good to harbor anger and ill will. But to forgive requires acceptance and understanding. It is something I must keep reflecting upon, but I hope to achieve. If we could all only live up to our own standards.

We had a 56 mile recovery ride today and Seth suffered another flat and a tire blow out. The bayous and swamps are becoming prevalent. Still no gators. After some delay, we crossed the mighty Mississippi on a ferry and arrived in St. Francisville. I did a newspaper interview, then we toured a historic plantation. Jenna reminded me that these grand houses were built on the blood of slaves. Irregardless, we enjoyed dinner at another plantation. Tomorrow Seth and Cindi head to New Orleans and I return to solo.

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  1. Hey Dr. Bob your doing a wonderful job of remembering your son by riding to flordia.We all are very proud of you.

    the Conways