Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Day 37 Kountze to DeRidder

In the South, people will bread and deep-fry about any edible substance. Meat, poultry, fish, animal byproducts, vegetables, fruits, almost anything. The cuisine is an agglomeration of Afro-American translocation, native cultures, European influences, economics, and local necessity. Add some Ranch dressing, and call it a meal! It is a good thing I am on the bike for 6 hours a day, otherwise I would have to go directly to the Coronary Care Unit.

After 3 weeks I finally got through Texas. I have now pedaled over 2000 miles, half of that in the Lone Star State. Today we had a delayed start after bringing Seth's bike to Beaumont for repairs. The proprietor was a a bicycle philosopher whom was willing to met us at 7 am. The rain has passed, the temperatures pleasant, the wind our friend, and the 84 miles zipped by. This is the South in language, food, climate, social norms, and topography. On to Cajun country.

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  1. What? You haven't had any deep fried Twinkies at the Fair? Glad you're through Texas. We're following you on the map!

    Don't forget to say "y'all" and "I swanny" when someone tells you something interesting!