Friday, April 15, 2011

Day 46 Pensacola to Defuniak Springs

Florida is very different from the rest of the South. The southern accents and traditions are not as pervasive. Much of the population are non-indigenous or retired transplants. Florida has a California feel, only with more bugs, humidity, and seniors. The aging population has found a home in Florida. How strange to leave the home where you reared your children, break the bonds with work, friends, and community, say goodbye to your memories, and to relocate unconnected. It seems to be a successful transition for many Floridians.

I sure did not feel like getting on that bike today. Reluctantly, I left Pensacola Bay, pushed 85 miles into the wind and finished by 2:30. Once more I dodged the thunderstorms. The rain started at nightfall. Unfortunately it may continue through tomorrow. In fact, the weather service just issued a tornado watch alert for this area. The ride ain't over yet.


  1. It ain't over till the fat lady sings. How about when you get home I'll sing for you? Even though I'm a skinny ole Italian granny:)

  2. Dear Bob

    We're following your route on the map and anxiously await your nightly blog! I feel you've grown a lot on this trip and are taking a step toward healing. We wish you nothing but the very best and can't wait to see you and hear all about it when you get home. Love, Jim & Cathy

  3. you made it ... only a few more miles :) good job friend

  4. Each pedal stroke, each key stroke, each moment you've taken moving forward and sharing your journey has touched so many lives in ways that you may even never be aware of. Thank-you for your work moving forward and your inspiration.