Saturday, April 2, 2011

Day 35 La Grange to Navasota

In the South (and much of Santa Maria), there are many who are vehement conservatives. As are overzealous liberals, they are passionately polarized in their language, opinions, and attitudes. Opposing opinions are viewed as unacceptable and often contemptible. Yet this country was conceived on the principles of coexistence, open debate, compromise and consensus. Americans from all sectors desire a free, open society where hard work is rewarded, but where the infirm and disenfranchised are not abandoned. Those in opposite camps frequently desire the same end result, they simply disagree on the method to get there. Just like in a marriage, we would be better served to reject zealotry at both extremes and work towards acceptable compromise.

I am really enjoying having Seth and Cindi with me. We did an easy 67 miles along country lanes densely populated with antique shops and flea markets. The vendors went on for miles! People come from all over the country to this part of Texas to search for treasures. We initiated the day with a photo of Seth and me, and discovered that we now look just like our fathers, Bernie & Vic. The circle is complete.

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  1. Dr. Bob,could you run for Congress please? Kidding. Your words are what we all need to understand though.
    So glad you and Seth and Cindi were able to share a stretch of this journey together. Excellent photo of you guys, completing your circles.