Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Day 52 Mayo to Palatka

The trip computer on my bike went out a couple of days ago. It is surprising how more arduous it is to pedal without the guidance and feedback of the computer. It is difficult to regulate effort, assess speed and progress, and to maintain goals without the computer information. The ride requires much more effort and is much more of a struggle.
In our lives we use religious, philosophical, and moral compasses to guide our labors. Along with our relationships, these are our structural and feedback mechanisms. How we flounder when they break down or fail us. It is clearly much easier to replace my computer battery, than to rebuild a failed belief system!

Wow, what a day! Initially an easy pedal, I decided to push on for 122 miles. The pedal was great until I entered Durham County, the sign proclaiming it "bicycle friendly". Immediately the shoulder ended, leaving me on an extremely busy 2 lane road with 65 mph traffic. Searching for a sane option, I ended up on a loose packed, dirt road. In search of pavement, I side tracked many miles when an awesome thunder, lightening, and rainstorm engulfed me. The sky became so dark, I needed a light (which I did not have) to be seen by motorists. Safely tucked away in my bargain motel, I am only 40 miles from St. Augustine. The exciting (or not) conclusion tomorrow!


  1. WOW, only 40 more miles! Just one question for you....Is your saddle sore? :)

  2. Yahoo, you're almost there! Sorry you got caught in a thunderstorm, but glad you made it through. OK, I don't understand, you have a computer on your bike, but not a light? :) How about reflectors? Good thing you are almost there!

    Love ya,