Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Day 51 Wakulla Springs to Mayo

Wakulla Spings is an ancient place. Humans have frequented this area for over 15,000 years, since the time of mastodons. The springs erupt from an enormous cavern, continuously ejecting 16 million gallons of 68 degree water every hour creating the Wakulla River. It is a wildlife refuge and sanctuary where I observed many alligators, turtles, birds, and even some manatees. The finely crafted and detailed 80 year old lodge stands next to a swimming area with a 20 foot tower for diving. It is a special place unlike any other I have been. During the early 60's, Walt Disney conducted negotiations to place his theme park here. Luckily, such an abomination was avoided! It is now a state park, to be preserved in it's undeveloped state for future generations.

Today I added an extra 30 miles to the 50 mile schedule to end up in Mayo. The terrain remains flat, with much standing water, natural springs, and sinkholes consistent with the Karst topography. I have no conections in the schools in Florida, and the media has had little interest in distracted driving since i left Mississippi. It is just as wwll, because i am tired of being an advocate. The road surfaces and shoulders in Florida have been the best that I have encountered, letting me focus on self reflection and the pedal. I look forward to St. Augustine and home.


  1. One thing that has impressed me about your ride is how you have stayed one step ahead of the storms; fire, thunder, rain and tornadoes. I know you were riding many times against the wind but at least the wind didn’t take you. Thank you God!

  2. Bob,

    Received the Oxy alum magszine today and saw a cover page of a man who looked strangely familiar. Then I realized why. I just wanted to express my admiration for quest, sorrow at your terrible loss, and hope for the peace that you are seeking.

    All best to you -- and a huge hug

    Lynn Lewis
    (R.A. with you in Norris so many years ago..)