Friday, April 8, 2011

Day 40 St. Francisville to Baton Rouge

The Mississippi River and it's tributaries constitute the largest river system in the world. Native peoples lived along the river for thousands of years seamlessly adapting to it's changes. For the last few hundred years, man has tried to tame the river with levees, dams, floodways, and control gates. The river is tempered, but in spite of the best human ingenuity still continues to periodically spill and flood adjacent areas. We can plan, prepare, and anticipate, but can never completely control the vagaries of nature. The same is true of our bodies and health. Just yesterday, Doctor Moussa passed away prematurely. Remember him in your thoughts and prayers.

We had a 32 mile ride into a headwind this morning. No mechanical failures! After finding a bike shop, Seth shipped his rig home before he and Cindi headed down to the Big Easy for the French Quarter Festival. Sunday they go back to Seattle. Their company will be sorely missed. I spent the afternoon sight seeing in Baton Rouge before I resume the solo pedal in the morning.


  1. Wow! Looks like you're running well ahead of schedule. Don't forget those rest days - much needed and enjoyed, I'm sure.

  2. Dr Bob....I hae been following your journey...i have found your words enlightening and comforting....i hope that you are finding comfort and support along this very important journey...may God continue to ride with you...