Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Day 38 DeRidder to Opelousas

Louisiana is the only state in the Union where the legal code is based on Napoleonic Law, rather than common law. The Napoleonic Code is a French residual and Roman in origin, common law is English. The law in Louisiana is determined by scholarly study, the rest of the United Staes uses the precedent of prior judicial decisions. Louisiana is the only state in the country where a judge doesn't automatically repeat the same mistakes some other judge made. Not a bad principle to follow in life. K

Seth and I pounded 92 miles into a headwind through the rice fields of Southern Louisiana. We had two flats and derailleur malfunction. Not a bike shop for miles. Can't even buy a tube for a road bike anywhere near here! Still, it was an enjoyable day. We saw our first snake, a deadly and dead corral snake. "Red on yellow will kill a fellow". Looking for gators. Actually ate some healthy food today. Shorter ride tomorrow.

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