Sunday, April 3, 2011

Day 35 Navasota to Cleveland

Some days it is pretty hard to tackle the day. Motivation and drive can be in short supply. But most people want their existence on this world to make a positive difference. We want to leave the planet a better place than when we entered it. We want to personally do more good than bad in our human experience. In addition, parents hope that their children can go further. Parents attempt to better prepare and equip their children for life's challenges. Maybe with better tools, our children can help promote a kinder and more humane society. These are noble goals, but it appears that the human character and condition haven't progressed that far throughout our history. Although discouraging, I guess that is no excuse to stop trying.

Today we were threatened by rain and buffeted by wind, but still had a pleasant ride through 67 miles of gently rolling hills. The climate and landscape become more deep South with every mile. We lunched at a small country town hosting a car show. Seth sampled crawfish and Cindi choose catfish. When in Rome....


  1. Dr. Bob,
    Congrads on your journey so far. We wish you all the strength and will to finish!!

    The Kelman's

  2. Hey Dr. Bob
    we wish you the best of luck on your trip to Florida. You have inspired us to make better choices throughout our everyday lives. Hurry Home.
    The Conways

  3. We can never stop trying. Thanks for making a positive difference in the world.