Friday, April 1, 2011

Day 34 Austin to La Grange

Fear is paralyzing. On the road when an animal is frightened, it will initially freeze hoping to avoid detection. The animal usually tries to assess the threat before reacting. Most creatures quickly choose to flee, and will only confront an unfamiliar threat if they are without options. People are pretty much the same way. Unfortunately, most of our human fears are psychological rather than physical. When we try to flee from them, they cling to us and reappear as sure as our shadows. We need more sophisticated tools than out primordial relatives.

Today I was back on the road with 84 rolling, scenic miles to La Grange. Seth and Cindy flew into Austin this morning. Seth will ride while Cindy drives support until New Orleans. The bike feels wonderful unloaded, and the company is great. It really helps with mid-ride fatigue.

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  1. I will sleep with more peace in my soul this night knowing that you are among friends and your burden is lighter. God bless as always.