Saturday, April 9, 2011

Day 41 Baton Rouge to Covington

Texans are proud of their heritage. The Lone Star flag flies ubiquitously, more than the Stars and Stripes. Texas was an independent country for 10 years before joining the Union. Many Texans are dissatisfied with current American policies. They again desire succession and to recreate the Texas republic today. Americans have always traditionally supported the right to self determination and it seems logical that should include our own states. However, the grand plantations of Louisiana are graphic reminders that much of the population was subjugated and politically unrepresented 150 years ago. What a travesty that our great country embraced the institution of human slavery. Maybe we are making some progress.

Today I returned to the solo, unsupported ride over 73 flat miles of southern Louisiana. I have passed over a lot of swamps and bayous. Much of the road today was perilous with high speed traffic, but no shoulder. I had my second flat tire over 2400 miles. I am staying in a cute, country town with a large, restored historic district. One gallery had a nice photo exhibit of Haiti. No more talks or media on the books, just pedaling.


  1. The great State of Texas seems like they have been held in the Union against their will. I don't know of any time that they were not dissatisfied with American Policies. Why don't we let them go? They want to be Texans. I believe they have a right to be free from the United States.

  2. You have a beautiful "voice" to your writing. I am sharing your journey with my students for a number of reasons, writing voice being only one of them. Although 6th graders are (hopefully) not yet driving, they tell me that they are sharing your message with older siblings and parents. Although you are MANY miles away your message is being heard right here at home. I hope that you can feel all the support. Wishing you continued safe travels Dr. Bob. You are missed!