Monday, April 4, 2011

Day 36 Cleveland to Kountze

The Big Thicket In Southeast Texas was once an immense, impenetrable forest blanketing 50,000 square miles. Resistant to human dominance, it was a sheltered refuge for Confederate non-combatants seeking to avoid impressment into the service. Eventually the forest fell to quench the lumberman's thirst, and now has been reduced to a few segmented but federally protected tracts. While the wilderness has been replaced by productive land, that place of sanctuary has been destroyed. It is comforting to have places available where we can escape the demands of our lives. In the absence of physical places, we need other forms of respite.

This morning I drove to the outskirts of Houston to give three high school talks. They were a great group of students housed on a university quality campus. I have been very impressed with Texas schools, and the Teens in the Driver's Seat program. We started our pedal late, and were doused by an afternoon thundershower. The rain turned an segement of road repair into a two mile mud bath. We had to use a pressure washer to get the mud off our bikes and Seth. Seth broke his chain in the middle of nowhere. Unassisted by a bike shop, we were able to repair it with our friends at google. Some very friendly Texans offered moral support. The landscape gets progressively flatter, wetter, and greener as we approach Louisiana.


  1. I met your wonderful wife a couple weeks ago at a bike safety fair. Your journey and message really resonates with me as a father of young children. I have become an advocate for the cause and I was happy to find this blog about your trek. Yours and Eilene's efforts do make a difference and have made me much more aware of the dangers of distracted driving.

  2. I enjoy reading the fellow blog followers of yours, almost as much as I enjoy reading and seeing your daily journal. It makes me so happy to see all the lives you have touched. Making a positive difference in the world is a choice, but it's also a gift. Thanks for your inspiration.