Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Day 11

The desert has changed lot since I lived here almost 30 years ago. Freeways, ball parks, housing, and development have encroached upon the open spaces. Separate cities have been transformed into a megalopolis. I don't recognize the place I once called home. Today I visited the remains of an ancient precolombian pueblo. No one knows the names, relationships, accomplishments, or passions of any of these people. It took hundreds of years to erase the evidence of the thousands of people that once lived there. It reminds me of how short and insignificant our individual lives are in the greater scheme of things. Change is occurring very fast, it won't be long until all traces of each of our lives join those of forgotten ancestors.
Today was a very dangerous and challenging ride. The road climbed 3400 feet over 48 miles, but was filled with hazardous, shoulderless highway. I am glad that ride is over. We arrived into Globe by noon. We received a warm welcome by the fire department (Al). In the afternoon, I did 2 programs at the high schools with a total of about 400 students. They went well and I think we had an impact with the kids. I ended my day at the Besh Ba Gowah archeological site. It is a place of reflection and introspection. Al and Globe provided our accommodations and meals during our stay here. What friendly, hospitable town!


  1. Dr.Bob,
    Although we may all someday be as forgotten as our ancestors, those values that we teach will continue to carry on throughout the lives of our children and grandchildren. The impact you make today can inspire the lives of so many others. Thoughts and prayers always.

  2. Dr Bob,

    I am glad to see you wearing long sleeves for sun protection. You have motivated me to get the Trek out and take a ride to Sisquoc and Garey on Saturday. My prayers are with you and the people you encounter on your trip. Stay safe.
    V/R Greg Caresio and Family (Julie, Gregory Jr. and Ally)

  3. 3/13/11
    I've talked to friends in El Paso; they are working on helping your cause.
    We've missed you on Wednesday P.M.s.