Friday, March 18, 2011

Day 20 Fort Hancock to Van Horn

Mile is a latin word. It comes from the Roman word mil, or 1000. A mile was the distance a legion of Roman soldiers could march with 1000 paces. A pace being the return to the same foot, or about two yards. Yesterday I completed a thousand miles, or a mil miles. The journey has been good for me, opening my eyes to the love and support of family and friends. It has also been a time to reflect on the fragile and transient nature of our life on Earth. I have pedalled past forgotten ruins, abandoned towns, and disintegrating homes. Just as we use the word mile without thought of Roman military maneuvers, the endeavors of our lives will soon be forgotten. The meaning that we derive from our lives must come from our inner satisfaction and relationships.

Today I was off with the sun, happy to leave an absolute dive motel. There was a climb over the 82 miles, but I had a partial tailwind to push me along. Van Horn isn't much of a town, but being the gateway to Big Bend Park, it is well supplied with accommodations. I always thought Texas was flat, but tomorrow has a real climb with a 6200 foot pass and 90 miles.


  1. I didn't know anywhere let you go 80. It had to be Texas :) Stay away from the road, they are going 80 and packing assult rifles.

    love you sis

  2. AMEN to your introspection!! YOU are not just our boss, but in a unique way our FRIEND. That goes for Eilene too. We love you both!
    Your office staff

  3. I linked to this blog on my own blog and wrote a post about you. It's a trivial contribution, but before you finish your ride you will have interfaced with dozens or even hundreds who could do the same. It could add up.

    G, Silver City.

  4. Seeing the speed limit sign... I may need to move back to Texas!!

    I certainly continue to benefit from your posts, and cannot imagine how much your family and friends who actually see you frequently are missing your daily personal interaction.

    I wish you safe travels and a speedy return to your family.

  5. The meaning that we derive from our lives... That statement rings so true.
    Life is too short not to learn this lesson. Thanks for helping us learn it together with you.