Monday, March 14, 2011

Day 16 Kingston to Las Cruces

Kingston, New Mexico was once a thriving town. In it's heyday it boasted 7000 souls with 27 saloons, an opera house, and 3 bordellos. Fortunes were made and lost, and fame and glory were achieved . It's foundation was silver which offered immediate prosperity.  When the silver ran out, Kingston quickly disapperared.   All the potential and possibilities of Kingston dissolved.  Now there are only a few homes, and the B&B where I stayed.  One would never know of the glory and grandeur that was so short lived. Eric's life was also grand with infinite possibilities. Like Kingston, it has been relegated to a memory of former grandeur and unrealized potential. I guess that can be the way life is.

Today I experienced my first crash.  Dropping out of the mountains and pulling into a market, I fell victim to the gravel.  My wrist was wacked to the point where I could not hold the handlebars. I pushed on for 20 miles, then relented and duck taped my wrist, popped a couple of advil with a half of a percocet before completeing 92 miles. Glad to be off the bike! Ready to enjoy a rest day in the company of Jon and Cindy McKellar.


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  2. What you're doing is fantastic. Good luck.