Saturday, March 19, 2011

West Texas sunrise & the watering hole

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  1. Beautiful sunrise! Glad you are safe and sound at the B&B and that was so nice of the owner to support your cause. Inspite of all the news on t.v. there are alot of good people in the world. I believe the devil is working overtime. God Bless the Peacekeepers!

  2. west Texas is not the best place to run out of water! I played some high School football games there back in the 70's and I don't think the scenery has improved much... please don't share my sentiments with the native Texans however, I believe coastal California has spoiled us all here

  3. Dr Bob, Such a Beautiful of the Lord's finest ways to greet us as we begin another day! The world is rich in good Christian people who renew our outlook toward others. We all miss you at work, continue on your journey knowing we all offer up our daily prayers of safe travels and much love.