Friday, March 11, 2011

Day 12 Safford to Lordsburg

We often live our lives consumed with the future. Will I move forward in my career, can I keep my relationships together, will my child be successful in school, can I obtain some material item, can I meet the challenges of the future? Today there was an enormous earthquake in Japan. My oldest son, Ryan, lives there. I was emailing with him right before the devastation, completely unaware of the threat to his life. Happily, he was spared. On a bike, the future is always precarious. As with Eric, at any moment an inattentive driver can violently end one's life. One is constantly aware of the fragility of his existence. We would all be better served if we treasured and valued each and every moment, and leave the future to tomorrow.
Today we were fortunate to experience a lovely tailwind. The 2200 foot climb was barely perceptible over the 76 miles. I was bothered by tendonitis in my left achilles, but am hitting the ice and pounding down the ibuprofen. Tomorrow starts the Rockies with a 3300 foot climb. My friends return to Phoenix and I resume the solo pedal until Austin. Ouch!


  1. Your words are inciting, as is your love and devotion. Hopefully enough so that people will not only follow along but will take action. Everyday there are a few more followers, which means everyday perhaps another letter was sent to a government representative. Pedal on Dr Bob

  2. So glad Ryan was spared, I thought of him today. The images coming out of Japan are terrifying.

    I don't know how you do it buddy, but ride on.

  3. My first thought this morning when I learned of the earthquake was of your son Ryan. The gals at the office were able to give me the good news. With another terrible earthquake so soon after New Zealand, it would be so easy to sit and worry about our own earthquake prone California. You are right. Treasure and value every moment. Plan for the future but leave the worrying to God. "Casting all your care upon Him; for He careth for you" 1Peter 5:7

  4. Donna here, eventful day here, my phone started ringing early this morning, friends and family telling me to wake up Tsunamie is on the way to my house, (I can spell it some days but not today) Turned on the news and saw what was happening in Japan,and was glad to hear Eileen say Ryan was OK. I was afraid you may not have heard he was OK and almost called you. I forget you have have a phone and can call for updates.
    I wonder if it's because you haven't called me.
    Did I tell you Candie saw you on TV while she was RVing. Take care of your injuries. Keep on Keepen on