Thursday, March 31, 2011

Day 33 Back to Austin

On the road, one notices numerous scavengers. They normally associate in groups. One sees clusters of scavengers well before the stench of decomposition becomes apparent. Seen in the distances, they are gloomy, unfastidious harbingers of death. Unwelcomed, they do serve the necessary biological function of clean up and recycling. Archaic cultures such as Zorostrians and Comanches incorporated scavengers in their burial rituals. They would clean the bones of organic tissue. The presence of scavengers alert us to prepare for the reality of life's conclusion. That is probably why we find them so adverse and distasteful.

Today I attended the deployment of a distracted driver's simulator at the Univ of Texas San Antonio. After some media, I drove back to Austin for a high school talk. Most of the talks have well received, and many students appear impacted. In reality there are many people who are resistant to changing behavior until they are personally affected. The process advances at at a glacial rate.


  1. So true about the behavior change resistance until one is personally affected, unfortunately. BUT, it is also true that you are planting seeds in these minds that will alter awareness and understanding for this change to occur. And, it is also true that you may not know how far reaching your impact has been on these young minds. So please, continue with the knowledge that what you are doing is VERY important. Thank-you for sharing your journey. You are helping us grow.

  2. I really believe in what you and Eileen are doing-spreading the word about cell-distracted driving and the horrendous heartache it causes--may God continue to bless and prosper all your endeavors! Much love from Debbie who used to work at your office and now works at Dr. Prez's!