Friday, March 4, 2011

Day 5

Parents are forever connected to their children. As they grow and mature, you never entirely separate from them. Like your arms, legs, and soul, your children always remain an integral part of you, forever inseparable. Your kids, on the other hand, must disconnect from you and develop their own lives. Although they love and are influenced by you, they become separate and independent. They can survive and flourish without you. It is the natural order of things, The new must let go of the old.
The pedals on my bike are the same ones that Eric used when he was killed. A police officer friend recovered the pedals from the carnage for me. For the entire length of the country, my feet will be connected to the last thing that Eric touched when he was alive. It is a comforting arrangement for me, because like all parents I need that connection.
Today's ride crossed the mighty Colorado River and climbed about 2500 feet through remote Arizona desert. Poppies bloomed on the roadside and saguaros dotted the mountains. Moe's bike was much lighter than mine, so he pulled most of the day. Seth, Rocky, and Howard will arrive late tonight. After days of solitude, it is nice to be with good friends.

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  1. This post is very touching, and yet, it is so true! As parents we will forever be connected to our children. The use of Eric's pedals is very moving and I Pray that this feeling of connection continues to comfort and heal your heavy heart. May you feel the love and support of all your friends during this difficult venture. My prayers are with you!!