Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Day 4

I have never cared much for snakes. As a youth camping, I once woke up with a snake sleeping on my shoulder. Northern California while sunbathing on a rock, I found myself surrounded by snakes. It never got any better after that. Bill Cosby also had a fear of snakes. In his famous comedy routine, he fearfully calls out from his bed "snakes, are you out there?" So today as I pedaled through 100 body breaking miles of rattlesnake infested desert, I was vigilant and apprehensive. But although coyotes, birds, and retreads were abundant, not a single snake was to be found.
The things that conflict us the most are not always concrete. They are often fears, apprehensions, and insecurities. It is difficult to control and conquer the invisible and intangible. All of us have our own version of snakes under the bed. The horror of Eric's death will be my snake for the rest of my life.

Today's ride was beautiful. The desert is in early bloom, and the temperature was perfect. Remote landscapes and dunes separated the irrigated cornucopia of Brawley and Blythe. Today featured only a 1000 foot climb, but lots of miles. By the the end of the day, my bottom was sore, my back ached, and Blythe looked like heaven. This is 45 miles longer than I have ever done. Tomorrow is a rest day, the my friend Moe will end my solitude and accompany through Arizona.


  1. Dr.Bob
    So very happy you have made it to did you like The Glamis Sand Dunes?! Now those are some dunes aren't they?! I commend you on your abilities..that was one long ride today, continue strong on your quest, as you are making a difference!! love and prayers

  2. Enjoy your day of rest tomorrow. Ron and I were riding our bikes in a little rain today with my new "thank you for driving cell free" vest on. I was thinking of you.

  3. Who is that masked man??? You look great Dr. Bob. Although I do believe we all have our own versions of snakes under the bed, I don't believe mine are anywhere near as great as what you and your loved ones have had to endure. Again, I'm so sorry for maybe not understanding your pain at times and thinking "wow, Dr. Bob is doing so much better" and now knowing you may always have that darkness in your life. I hope this time that you have taken for yourself is everything you need. We're mapping you all day every day, (wish he would have put a tracking device on you, would have been much easier). Enjoy your day of rest, finally, and sooo glad you'll have some company for a bit. We love you, we miss you. God bless and be safe.

  4. Okay Dr. Bob, Here is Ms. Trenev and the 5th graders - here are our words of encouragement:
    1) Go,go,go and don't get tired - we are with you in spirit! - from Ms. Trenev
    2) from Joey - Dear Dr. Bob - good job you are amazing - keep up the great work.
    3) from Veronica - Good Luck! I hope you have fun!
    4) from Lexy - I wish you the best!
    5) from Desiree - Wow! That's amazing what you are doing. I'm so glad you will make it. God Bless you!
    6) from Brittany - Wow - that must be tough - well, good luck!
    7) from Cierra - You are really brave to go that far on your bike!
    8) from Mia - Wow! You are so brave and so nice to stop texting and driving.
    9) from Andres - Good luck and tell me how Florida is when you come back.
    10) from Auggie - What you are doing is just amazing!
    11) from Trevor - I hope you spread the message!
    12) from Shylah - Have a safe trip - God Bless you!

  5. A young man in a bright red car, traveling parallel to us on Broadway, slowly cruised into our lane. He took no corrective measures and had no idea that he was halfway in our lane until I honked my horn. He was texting on his cell phone...worse yet he continued to text after the incident.

    I thought of you and your family. Your loss...and your strength.

    PEDAL ON DR BOB !! There is still alot of work to do and you are not alone in your efforts. You are loved and supported by many.

    PS - The pictures are beautiful and your words moving, checking in on you is a joy. God Bless.