Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Day 31 Rest Day in Austin

Disappointment is difficult to accept. We experience frustration if we fail to receive recognition, miss a promotion, don't keep a resolution, lose in a contest, don't meet our expectations, and our plans are altered. It is often hard to reset one's goals, adjust priorities, let go, and proceed. Yet that is what life continuously requires. Because of the consequences of the Japanese earthquake, my son Ryan will not be able to join me as planned on my pedal. I'm sure that he is as disappointed as I am. Still, it makes it harder to get back in the saddle. I am thankful he was not among the causalities or injured, but I was so anticipating time with him.

Austin is great city for a rest day. Interesting sites, good art museum, nice old town, culture, and the University. Spent a lot of the day coordinating speaking and press over the next 2 days. My aches and pains are improving already. Won't be back on the bike until Friday.


  1. So sorry Ryan is unable to meet with you for the ride. I know you were lookig forward to that. Glad you are getting a rest. Your story and cross country ride was featured in the Santa Barbara News Press tody. Happy to see the Transportation Dept. is putting out a safety video and Eric's story will be told.

  2. Bob- in case you don't already know about this- please come to Texas Capitol-Today, Wednesday the 30th... TXDOT is hosting a press conference at 12:30 on Distracted Driving, with Jennifer Smith and families of victims of distracted driving crashes.

  3. Disappointment is part of how life tests our resilience. You and yours are going through final exams right now. But, your actions now will make passing the tests a little easier. Keep on keeping on! My thoughts are with you and Ryan and all your family, as well as Japan and our Global community. Thank-you for your leadership, strength, and perseverance.