Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Day 25 Del Rio to Brackettville

The wind is am fickle mistress. She bestows her favors predicated on her capricious whims. When she is partial to a cyclist, the tailwind makes life beautiful and easy. The world Is a pleasure and all is beautiful. A tangent wind is annoying and irritating, but not seriously impairing. A headwind makes life oppressive and suffocating. Life loses all perspective. The absence of wind is a horror for the sailor, but a mixed blessing for the cyclist. We should be careful not to become too enmeshed with the wind. Nature is not like God testing Job. Nature does not guarantee us a just conclusion. We have to accept the conditions that ensue, and persevere notwithstanding. Much of life is like that. Never the less, the wind is pretty intoxicating when she grants her pleasures.

Wow, it was hard to get back on the bike after a day like yesterday. I awoke with an anterior tendonitis in my left ankle (before it was posterior). It is not severe, and I have no other residual from yesterday's ordeal. I had a pleasant 32 mile, flat pedal tantalized by a cross wind/partial tailwind. I think mother nature is trying to make amends for yesterday. Bracketteville is a pretty town with an old, decommissioned fort. It has been maintained as a historical site, but has a motel and concessions. For 50 bucks, one can stay the night, enjoy history, pretty surroundings, and a 100 year old spring fed pool that stays 70 degrees naturally all year long. I had the 100X300 foot pool all to myself! The only public wifi is here at the library, where the staff gave me coffee and snacks. Getting several calls to speak in Texas, but the logistics have not worked out.


  1. I am so glad you are doing this; the ride, the blogs, the sharing. It is nice....comforting in some way. Thank you.
    I have never suffered a loss like yours but the roadside memorial sounds good, especially if it could be the stretch of road where Eric died. In the south we frequently visit and spend time at the grave sites of those that have passed, I find this soothing. Perhaps spending time and tending to the area where he was last alive would be healing and purposeful at the same time. Or establishing an actual memorial, a site along the road, or dedicating a stretch of road to him. A constant reminder to all those that drive past to pay attention while they drive.
    It is a very personal matter, and I hope I have not spoken out of place, if so I apologize.

    Pedal on Dr Bob! We love and miss you!

  2. You give such wonderful introspective incites to each day by your experience with nature, people, trash, memorials, etc. I learn something each day or can parallel to something in my life. You have a gift with words... a poet you are for sure. Thinking of you daily. Hugs. ShannonB