Saturday, March 12, 2011

Day 13 Lordsburg to Silver City

One sees things when riding a bike that would be missed from a car. For instance, there are a lot of people living under bridges in America. Some bridges shelter large groups, others harbor only the lonely individual. Most of these people are alone, but some have a companion or even a dog. Some appear inebriated or high. Others have a crazed or disturbed look, talking incoherently to visions unseen by normal people. All of these people appear dirty, weathered, and neglected. These bridge people are invisible to those of us whom don't frequent the undersides of bridges. I suspect that in our sheltered lives, we are oblivious to much of human suffering. Perhaps we should all look under bridges periodically.

Today I crossed the continental divide and stopped at lovely Silver City. It is a cute, little town in the southern Rockies at about 6000 feet. I was met about 20 miles out by Glen, a local cyclist. I spent the day and evening with my host, Tim. He is a retired West Point grad, reporter, and cyclist. Tim took me on a local tour and dinner, put me up for the night, and will start out with me tomorrow. Big 4200 foot climb tomorrow and Emory Pass.


  1. It's easier to deal with the people under the bridge if we don't look. If one should cross our path it's easier to believe that they really don't mind. They don't get as wet or cold as others would. They really don't mind being hungry and they are never afraid.

  2. Missed you at Dad's 89th. Eileen told me about her trip to Washington and spoke highly of our rep
    Lois Capps. I think the woman is a saint. She wants to support efforts with the distracted drivers laws and education and let Eileen know that she is available for supporting the cause.

  3. Hope you get a chance to go to Nancy's Silver Cafe down town Silver City. They have the best chili rellenos and beef tacos around. Watch out with the salsa sometimes it will burn a whole in you. Doug p.s. it is very obvious when the chili is dangerously hot~ every patron will look incredibly local.