Thursday, March 24, 2011

Day 26 Bracketteville to Camp Wood

It is hard to cycle when you have an injury. My ankle bothered me a lot today from my long ride, and a headwind accentuated my distress. However, there are schedules to maintain and one doesn't want to acquiesce and take time off. Often the damage will resolve independently. But sometimes when you persevere, you never get a chance to recover and heal. Frequently the injury may fester and amplify. A lot of us live every day with various injuries of different kinds. Frequently we are unaware of the deleterious condition, or may be unwilling or unable to address it. Ostensibly we seem normal, not addressing the progressive and ongoing damage. Although not really healthy or optimal, maybe ignoring and persisting is normal. For my ankle I'm going to hit the ice, anvil, and try a Corona. My other injuries I'll likely ignore.

Today was supposed to be another light, 52 mile, recovery ride. The wind made it a bit more challenging. The topography transitioned from flat desert to the start of the hill country. Here the rivers actually have water! I am ready for the change of scenery. This part of Texas is AT&T country, so I have no phone service and can't post pictures. Most likely, I will only be available by email for a few days.


  1. Physician heal thy self:) I took your advice and slowed down on the exercise. I am finally feeling well. I hope you get to rest soon. Love you buddy, come back to us whole.

  2. I love that you are doing this in memory of your son Eric and to raise the much needed awareness of the dangers of distracted driving. I love your insightful and inspiring entries. I know your talks with the high school students will bear good fruit. I will be following your journey with interest and wishing you Godspeed. Paul Okerblom

  3. When there are very bad injuries your focus can't be on them every moment, or your life will pass without experiencing the joy that was there too. I see this thought in your posts. And, that's how I feel too. But, a sound mind in a sound body will help make the experience of life the best it can be.I'm posting this WAY after the fact, but take good care. We all need your work to continue and for your inspirational journey to continue, as well