Sunday, March 6, 2011


Most us have strengths within us that we are not aware exists. Our comfortable daily routines are self sustaining. They impair our ability to implement the changes that are necessary to develop new strengths. It is not until we experience adversity and hardship that new potentials become evident. When challenged by necessity, changes can occur that allow these inner strengths to emerge. It is discouraging that extreme duress is needed to initiate change and progress, but that is often the necessary motivation.
I would have never have left my practice for 2 months to pedal across country in normal circumstances. I would have stayed in my everyday routine. I had to lose one of the things that is most precious to me to examine my inner core. Wouldn't it be nice if we could motivate ourselves to find our potentials without such adversity? That we wouldn't have to experience extreme damage to find strength?
Today we has a nice 71 mile pedal from Wickenburg to Phoenix. The weather was fine and the desert was absolutey superb.


  1. Absolutely true realization! I believe its just part of human nature. ALSO, most people can't take 2 months off work without a darn good reason!! It's a little easier when you are the boss!! We miss you around the office, but we know you are doing the right thing for yourself and Eric and for all the other poeple who's lives will be saved because of your efforts. God Bless!

  2. Dr.Bob,
    God has such a subtle way of leading us down roads we might not have otherwise ventured. It is adversity that can open our hearts to hear the words he has spoken. May you find your inner strengths to continue on this journey, with the knowledge that you are making a world of difference in the lives of so many. Blessings!

  3. Very well said. Though our trials are different, at the same time they are parallel in how they change us, and hopefully for the better. I completely understand and couldn't have said it better. Don't you think that, even though it does not take the pain away, it is healing when you receive that realization? How awesome!! God bless you as you speak to the high school kids and faculty, and the legislators today. I know you will have a great impact on every person who hears you speak today. With Love.

  4. Bob, wanted you to know your web page of this journey is the first thing I log onto when I go to my PC every evening after work and my ride...
    I wish I could have taken 2 months off to pedal across the country with you to help pull you in the headwinds of the journey (the road and of life) and offer companionship, but that was not in the cards with my life right now... you are so right on when you talk about adversity forcing us to step out of our comfort zone and grow as God's children... I have not lost any of my children, so I can not truly "feel" your pain and grief, but like most adults of our age I have experienced great loss and trial that often left me pondering "why me" Lord... as I look back on those cataclysmic events in my life, I realize every one eventually enabled me to become a kinder, more compassionate, more empathetic person... you will never be the same, but the "new" you can accomplish magnificent things that the person you were before this tragedy would have never considered... keep pedaling hard every day for Eric... God is out there for you Bob, and I believe you will find him on your journey on and off of the bike as you work hard to ensure that you "make a difference" with this trip and strive to give meaning to your son's memory so that his death will not have ultimately been in vain... all of us from the Cutters are praying for you and wish you Godspeed and the wind at your back every day...